Can I recover my secrets if I lose all my devices?

In short: it depends.

If you have exported a backup archive you can restore your account from the backup; you must know the account password to restore the backup archive. If you have a cloud subscription and a recovery pack then it is possible to recover your secrets from the moment they were last synced.

Can I recover my secrets if I forget my account password?

In short: it depends.

For customers with a cloud subscription and recovery pack it is possible to recover your secrets. People using the app without a cloud subscription will not be able to recover their secrets.

Do you support passkeys?

In short: not yet.

Passkey support is on the roadmap and we look forward to supporting passkeys in the future as they represent a significant step forward for web service authentication.

Do you support biometric unlock?

In short: not yet.

Unlocking accounts using biometrics is planned for platforms that have the relevant API functions however it's important to note that using something you are rather than something you know can reduce the security of your account(s) so we may decide to combine biometrics with a PIN.

Does your app use telemetry?

In short: no.

We do not use telemetry in the app or any tracking on our website; we will never introduce telemetry to the app as we think it's important to respect our user's privacy. If you make a bug report or the app crashes we do send device information to our servers to help debug the cause of the problem.

Have you received outside investment?

In short: no.

We are a small dedicated team devoted to protecting our customer's privacy and secret information. We have not taken any Venture Capital (VC) or Private Equity (PE) and have no plans to do so. What this means for our customers is that we can focus on delivering an excellent product without the pressure of having to return money to investors.

Has your code been audited?

In short: not yet.

Our code has not been audited yet, once we are profitable and have the resources this will be our top priority. Technical people may wish to read our cryptography page to learn more about the cryptographic techniques and libraries we use.

How do I get support?

In short: discussions or email.

For support enquiries either create a discussion or email us; priority is given to customers with a cloud subscription.