Securing our secrets should be easy, affordable and open-source


We created an easy to use cross-platform application that puts you in control.

Manage account logins, notes, files, bank accounts, credit cards and more using strong industry-standard encryption to protect your private information.

Secrets are always encrypted on your device using only a master password you know and synced between your devices using secure end-to-end encrypted channels.


Support for multiple accounts, folders and tags makes it easy to organize your secrets the way you want and find them super fast using search.


For individuals using a single device our application is free forever or choose to get cloud backup, device sync, social recovery, premium support and more by upgrading to an affordable paid subscription.

Open Source

We have open-sourced our Software Development Kit (SDK) using a very liberal license (GPLv3) to protect your rights to always access your secrets and to control the software on your device. It is written in Rust for performance and memory safety and compiles on all the major platforms including Webassembly.


Programmers can use our Command Line Interface (CLI) to automate vault operations, we love the terminal too!