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Save Our Secrets

Secure password manager and wallet


A secure password manager and wallet that automatically syncs between all your devices

Privacy focused design

Built from the ground up to safeguard your personal data against unauthorized access.

Cross platform

Works on MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS & Android.

Open source & free forever

Transparent design, always accessible, always free – no catch, no cost.

Social recovery

Ensure that friends and family can inherit your secrets and cryptocurrency (coming soon).

Self-hosting (optional)

Perfect for organizations seeking centralized control over their storage needs.

Browser Autofill Plugin

Effortlessly integrate with your favorite browser (coming soon).


Download the free native application for your platform

MacOS Application

Download the installer for MacOS to join the beta; works on Intel or Apple Silicon chips.

iOS Application

Join the open beta on TestFlight.

Android Application

Get the app on the Play Store to join the open beta.

Windows Application

Download the installer for Windows to join the beta.

Please follow our Installation guide.

Linux Application

Download the installer for your distro to join the beta.

Send us beta feedback and register for a 30% discount on your first subscription.

Command Line Tools

Access all the features of SOS directly from the command line.


Free forever for basic usage

For all users with a single device and file attachments no greater than 2MB per file.


Perfect for users with more devices and larger files.


per year

Coming Soon
  • Up to 3 devices synced
  • Single user account
  • Unlimited file sizes


Perfect for sharing across multiple users with lots of devices.


per year

Coming Soon
  • Up to 15 devices synced
  • 5 user accounts
  • Unlimited file sizes


Perfect for organizations with lots of users and devices.


per year

Coming Soon
  • 300 devices synced
  • 100 user accounts
  • Unlimited file sizes

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