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To install the app follow the instructions for your operating system.


Download the installer for MacOS and follow the installer instructions to add the app to your Applications folder.


The iOS app is available to install via TestFlight during the beta period.


For Android devices you can install the app directly from the Play Store.


Use the installer for your Linux distro.

Note we don't currently support ARM-based processors for Linux the downloads are for Intel chips.


People using debian-based distros such as Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint can download the debian package installer.

After downloading the installer you can double-click it or if you prefer the terminal use dpkg to install the app:

sudo dpkg -i saveoursecrets.deb


For distros such as Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE and RedHat you can download the rpm package installer.

Before installation we recommend ensuring your packages are up to date:

sudo dnf update

Install and launch the app:

sudo rpm -ivh saveoursecrets.rpm


If you are using the Flatpak package manager download the flatpak bundle and install it.

flatpak install --user saveoursecrets.flatpak
flatpak run com.saveoursecrets.saveoursecrets

Note that Flatpak support is a work in progress and some features may not work as expected due to the sandbox.


To install the app on Windows download the Windows installer then follow the instructions for trusting our self-signed certificate.

Once you have trusted our self-signed certificate you will be able to double-click the installer and follow the installer instructions to get the app.