Command Line Tools

Manage your secrets from a terminal

Download pre-built binaries of the command line tools for desktop platforms here, see the releases page to learn how to check file integrity and verify the release signature. To download earlier releases you can browse the releases archive.

For MacOS users we recommend installing using Homebrew.


May 16, 2024

MacOS (Apple Silicon) (aarch64)Checksum | Signature
MacOS (Intel) (x86_64)Checksum | Signature
Linux (x86_64)Checksum | Signature
Windows (x86_64)Checksum | Signature


MacOS users with homebrew installed can get the command line tools using these commands:

brew tap saveoursecrets/sos
brew install sos


If you have the Rust toolchain you can install the command line tools from source using cargo:

cargo install sos